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Thank you for visiting Arizona Parents for Education’s home page. We are a group of parents committed to protecting and advocating for our children and to ensure they have the tools they need to be successful in Arizona’s online schools. We were first created in 2008 after serious cuts were proposed to online learning, and we were successful as parents in action, to stopping them. Later we were instrumental in working with our elected officials to make online learning a permanent fixture in public education. Every year we will continue to work hard to protect our kids and public education.

Our Golden Apple Winners!

Representative Karen Fann

Representative Rob Robson

Senator Kimberly Yee

Senator Crandall

Senator Pancrazi

Representative Kavanagh

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We want to thank John Hook Fox 10 for hosting Sunday's debate between Doug Ducey and Fred DuVal for Governor 2014 and for asking some of the questions we submitted. As parents, we want to know that the candidates trust parents to make the right decisions for our kids. Thankfully, both candidates agreed that they trust parents. We've attached a brief cut of the debate as they both answer this pivotal question. #itrustparents ...

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Who won last night's education debate between Doug Ducey and Fred DuVal for Governor 2014 ? We kept score for you on how many times each of the candidates said parents, moms, dads, teachers, students and children. Below are the results. ...

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Robyn Jordan, our President, has one final question, perhaps the MOST important question for John Hook Fox 10 to ask Doug Ducey and Fred DuVal for Governor 2014 . You will have to listen to her to hear it... ...

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