Key Education Questions You Should be Asking Gubernatorial Candidates – PART 2

ATTN Reporters: Key Education Questions You Should be Asking Gubernatorial Candidates – PART 2 PHOENIX, AZ – Today, Arizona Parents for Education, released the second in a series of questions we as parents want answered by both Fred DuVal and Doug Ducey. On Sunday, September 28th, there will be an Education Debate and we expect every candidate for Governor to answer these questions. We urge members of the media to consider these issues as you prepare to question the candidates. 4. There has been an increasing move to shutdown down failing schools, but the problem continues to be what exactly a failing school is? Too often we find right here in Arizona an unwillingness to compare schools apple to apple instead self-described reformers like to make comparisons that are more like comparing an apple to a Rolls Royce. Are you willing to support a school grading system, weighted to include household income data or use data based on free and reduced lunch programs that focus more on year to year student growth as the true measure of achievement? 5. What is your plan to require Arizona schools to become a data driven culture for individualized learning? 6. What is your plan to institute technology to find problems earlier in the education process so that students don’t get left behind and allow teachers to implement timely remediation for failing students? Arizona Parents for Education is a 501c4 dedicated to promoting distance education, with over 20,000 members across Arizona. It was started in 2008 by a group of concerned parents. For more information go to or visit us on