Key Education Questions You Should be Asking the Candidates – Part 1

September 23, 2014

ATTN Reporters: Key Education Questions You Should be Asking Gubernatorial Candidates – PART 1

PHOENIX, AZ – Today, Arizona Parents for Education, released the first in a series of questions we as parents want answered by both Fred DuVal and Doug Ducey. On Sunday, September 28th, there will be an Education Debate and we expect every candidate for Governor to answer these questions. We urge members of the media to consider these issues as you prepare to question the candidates.

1. Do you support Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs for high school students that would allow students to either gain a certificate or dual college credits for important fields like nursing?

2. Whatever the standardized testing regime Arizona ultimately decides on, the use of these tests loses value to students and educators if the results are not provided in a timely manner. Right now, some students won’t see results until months into the new school year. With only eight real months of instruction time, losing up to a quarter of that time to help analyze where the student’s deficiencies are is a complete disservice. Are you willing to submit legislation requiring that results of these tests be provided to parents and students by May of the same grade year taken?

3. In Arizona, and across the country one of the leading indicators for student success is household income. Knowing this would you support targeted leadership programs for low income students similar to the program undertaken by the University of Texas?

Arizona Parents for Education is a 501c4 dedicated to promoting distance education, with over 20,000 members across Arizona. It was started in 2008 by a group of concerned parents. For more information go to or visit us on .


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